What is streamhouse.com?

Streamhouse.com is a type of the chat, which is supposed just for the audience over miner.The models in the stream house will make your day unforgettable and you will enjoy your staying with them.Our models are ready to realize one of the most of your  interesting and open being fantasy and and any kind of dreams.We have a types of the different models in our chat , that’s why you can find them in the left side of header in the search bar.The ways of communication with models you can realize through the several ways. The website has also the opportunity add the models at their favorite list’s.

Private chat

Private chat  give an opportunity for customer and the  models to communicate in the personally with each other.To speech and chat privately  with the model,you must click the button which is found under the video stream of the model.In the case of this service the other customers will be able to spy, in the video chat but they are not be able to listen the models and the customers , who is already in the private chat.

Cam to cam chat.

This service is special  for its functional system.  Current service give’s  an opportunity  not only  to see the model from customer side but also the model is able to see the customer.In this case , definitely  the customer also must have the webcam.The exception in this service is that the customer have no chance and opportunity  to get entrance( or to connect with the chat)

What is differences between private  and cam to cam chat?

 Between this two services  the main differences is the following.First differences between the prices and the third  customer sides to current chat is not allowed.

What is SPY?

The service is different because the customer is not to take part in private chat but also have an opportunity  in the limited time to take a part definitely to the show of the model.

What is the tip?

Tip gives an opportunity for the customer to transfer the credits to the models without any obligations.

 What is snapshot?

This service gives  an opportunity for the model in the private , or just in the show in any time make a snapchat at  least in the case it keeps to his private page

What is credit?

Credit on the website is a part of amount  which a customer could be able to take during the email (different payment ways  and he is able to spend all the money through the different purposes.With credits you can also make a packages , which you can see on the website  when you will clicking on the get credits button.

How do I get credits?

Credit’s the customer can get  trough the several packages.

Here is the following packages:

1: 49.99

2: 79.99

3. 109.99

4. 120.99

 You can get the credits  to click  get credits button, the most limited credit that you can earn is 49.99In your profile, the present of your credits you will be able to use , cam to cam , private ,spy and tip snapchat and all kind of services where the prices of all the services you can see in above.

What to do if I made a payment , but didn’t receive  successfully?

If you will purchase your payment amount, and the purchase  is not reach (react), please keep the contact with our support team support@streamhouse.com

How to get the credits?

To get the free credits from our website , is necessarily to invite five customers to our site from your account to streamhouse.com. Who’s in the website will get at least  one credit.

Member account

I forgot my password.. How can I reset my account?

If you are forgot  your account for the restore please click on the  reset here button, and after , please fill your  new password and confirm. Email address to the  stream, filt  and you will get  on your email the link  which you can restore your password.

How do I became Silver-Gold-Premium Membership?

Our website have a different types of customers and all of them are different  with there possibilities.That’s why , to became a silver customer its necessary to have a balance on your account, minimum  with a 49.99 credits.To became a gold customer you need to get 99.99 credits and more.How to became a premium customer you need to get  176.99 credits and more.

What  is the difference  between  silver, gold and premium accounts.

In the whole  all types of this customers is different for all its functional possibilities.Silver member can watch the show of the model which the show is prepared by the models themselves.From the first operation that customer made on the site he can get five credit.The customer can able to use from private chat, cam-to-cam, snapshot, tip, services or etc).Customer is also able to add the model in his/her favorite list.Gold customers used the same services like a silver customers.Beside it, that they can use longer time from the private chat (chat and spy) services and they can also to send the private messages for their favorite model.These type of customers is also able to add his/her favorite model for 24 hour on the top of 10 list in site on a period per month.Premium customers is able to use from the both services  as from silver and gold and besides that they can decline  from their  chosen  favorite models chat one user from the chat.Such types of customers has also the opportunities   to chose one model from his/her favorite list once in two weeks in the top of 5 th.Such types of customers will use the exclusive offers.

How can I deactivate my account?

Deactivate to your personal account you must click the activate button from my personal account which is in above in my profile . In the further for the activated your personal account you must apply to our support team, where you can fill your personal information – like, email, and the period your deactivation.

How can I add the model to favorites?

You can add one of your favorite model at your list, click from the model page button add to favorites or during the video chat of the model, click of the left side the button  add to favorites

How can I add the model?

Ask the name of the model or her/his nickname for searching you must fill on right side of the corner in search bar the name of the model or her/his nickname.

How to become streamhouse.com model?

At the stream house chat the models should visit streamhouse.com chat.To get to more information about how to become a model on our site. Please apply to our support@streamhouse.com

How can I send messages to models?

The users can communicate with the models during the video chat, private chat and cam to cam chat. But private messages they allow to send just when they will become premium, gold and VIP special package.


Technical Help

1.I have a problem with Cam2cam and I need a technical support.To have a problem with cam to cam video chat please before to contact with our support team, check the setting on your camera the presents of your driver settings, and from the browser side the question is to click the button of “Allow”.After to check all of this, if still the problems is exist, please contact to our support team support@streamhouse.com

2.I can’t get the site
if you can’t get streamhouse.com site, please check your internet connection, otherwise you might violated the copyright of site.

3.I can’t send a message to the model

If you can’t send a message to the model, in this case or you violated the copyright of the site related with messages or you are in <> of the current model.


Billing Help

1.Can I buy credits without credit/debit card?

In our site customers besides of card purchasing, their can get tokens with

  • Sms pay system
  • Bank transfer
  • Bitcoin


2.I tried to buy tokens with my credit/debit card but the transaction was declined. Why?

The reasons of transaction declining are various. Please at first check your personal page funds and card deadline, if the transaction was done by card. Transaction issues might occur, if the bank or online payment system will notice any, lawlessness. In this case please contact to your Bank,to find out the current bank’s policy details. Otherwise you can apply to our support center support@streamhouse.com, our site specialists will try to solve your issue.

3.How the streamhouse.com protects my data?

Streamhouse.com doing the best to help protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. We use firewalls to safeguard your Personal Information. While “frawless security” does not exist on the Internet, or elsewhere, our technical staff works hard to help ensure your secure use of our services.

4.What should I do if I can’t find my answer here?

If you can’t find your answer here, and you if you have any further questions or problems, please contact our customer support at support@streamhouse.com